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Smuggled pharmaceuticals are a last option for most locals in medically impoverished countries. Among the list of upcoming lucrative practises in states that are medically impoverished is dealing in contraband pills.Drug smugglers have been identified as benefactors of slow approvals for this pills and political corruption. If we may be so bold, we will identify, without compunction, Mexican pills (not all of them) as the first case of prevalent smuggled pharmaceuticals.

Given the given of how widespread the use of this drug is, one may be inclined to believe government official are involved and complicit in the whole smuggling operations.A Hurricane pharmacist confides that the amount of drugs, legally making it into the country are not sufficient in meeting health care demands, nationally. This dismal affair has largely contributed to the thriving of smuggled pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical smugglers, first and foremost bypass customs agents and checking. The health authorities, are the direction many eyeballs are turned, be it on mere speculation that they are involved in smuggling or that they are doing nothing about the smuggling. Pharmaceuticals, are transacted in pharmacies (obviously) and it does not come as a surprise that the way they spread is through-you guessed it-Pharmacies -which would be limited by health authorities.

It is not classified information that these drugs mostly enter by fraud or deceiving security at check points.Politicians are a debateable variable but investigated cases, have shown many are involved in smuggling. Law enforcement , in a response to curb the growing spread of smuggled pharmaceuticals have effected many years sentence for people convicted, of pharmaceutical smuggling and taskforces to infiltrate, find and neutralise smuggling rings. Pharmaceutical smuggling continues to penetrate the hearts of many states even with this imposed rules and efficient measures.

Certain authority figures and related experts can be quoted associating the lucrative nature of contraband pills with profit from illegal arms dealing, oil or narcotics.It should however be pointed out, that if the law is properly applied, pharmaceutical smuggling is not a natural problem and can be eradicated. Smuggled pharmaceuticals, are a problem that can be neutralised if an organ, to regulate the means of distribution of pharmaceuticals, unbiased and independent of corruption is established. Appropriate experts and professionals required to chemically analyse and test the drugs, rarely do it and documents being forged for clearance also smoothens the rails, allowing smuggled pharmaceuticals to make the big moves across authorities.

Companies, corporations, that are perceived to be above the law, also provide back hand passages for the smuggling of pharmaceuticals. This corporations , companies and some pharmacists are backed by influential people in high echelons of administration and law, making them the perfect cover. It would come as no surprise if it is suddenly surmised that the same heads of illegal arms dealings and narcotics, also control the spread of pharmaceutical pills.

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